Saturday, August 30, 2008


-a painted mask for some contest

painted by potato
photography by khan


Monday, August 25, 2008

2D/2N @ KL for Sloggi art for humanity

went down KL with friends for sloggi art for humanity graffiti art installation.

the 1st night

the bus that had sent us to KL safety.

In my friend's room, the maximun of ppl that can slp in this room is 4

the 1st day
get my self ready

people start queing up for the entrance

simply snap

this is the thing that we gotta bomb

there also have some free goodie bag for 1st 1000 visitor.

pss.... those things that are in the goodie bag not so suit male.
there got kotex kotex n kotex and girl's underwear hahaha....
but the whole design is nice.

simply snap


orang2 ramai

he start to get excited with shooting photo

and soon the show begin

other than graffiti show, there still have some performence by other ppl. eg: suki, kl stomper, .... and some game as well.

some bra wearing competition. see who can wear the bra in the shortest time.

pity the red tee guy, cus the bra size is too small for him he can even put them on.

the white tee guy won the 3rd price, he manage to wear a

bra faster than the blue swimsuit's girl.

peformence by suki

simply snap

some hot chick snap

some hot chick snap

some hot chick snap

some hot chick snap

some hot chick snap

some hot guy snap... hahah

and this is the outcome. domo and kidrobot cap is for entertain purpose.

my piece, still practicing...

after the event we went to sunway piramid and had our dinner at Wendy's.

everyone's tired and slpy

at the end, maleh... they left me alone sleepin at there.

the 2nd day
went to times square and pavillion. for bowling and jalan jalan

newbie tak tau how to play

the bowling's shoe is kinda nice la.

some shop at pavillion..... O_O

this is the king among those shop

i see art over there and its Wanted!!

and the cctv were chrome and polished nicely.
it started to rain after this and i started to feel lazy to shoot any more photo... hahah...