Wednesday, June 18, 2008

EAA 1st Prom Night

EAA 1st ever prom night.....
comment: not that good... should improve alot.
btw.... below is all the pic that i took with those leng chai n leng lui.

i feel like super star again. hahahah...=)

the whole crew and the prom king n queen n headmaster n mistress.

its super!!

its .....

eaa blogger!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


i guess u guys had heard abt this new soft drink rite?
anything and whatever.
anyway i had just bought 1 can n try.
it wrote "any taste for any thirst" at there.
so how does it taste like?? well......

the 1st mouth i drink i can feel - KIKAPOO
the 2nd mouth it taste like -
F & N orange
the 3rd mouth it taste like - 100 plus
the 4th mouth it taste like - 7-up
and alot more... i duno how to name all out. hahahah

so... if u r thirsty n u cant make any decision on what drink u wanna drink,
mayvbe u can just try this!!! ANYTHING & WHATEVER!! keeke...