Saturday, April 12, 2008


hahah i tink u all should check this out... soo funny...
all the photo taken by adrian, slide by adrian... hahahah...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Am I too free?

okay the competition's just over and we kno who
is the winner too.
congrat to them again.

haha feel wired???
wanna kno y i suddenly upload this flyer?
of cuz i m not goin to critics the design of this flyer
although they really looks
tooot!... hahahah



zoomed in....
open to participants aged 12 - 21years.

and now bac to the artical that came out from
kwang hua daily (7th april 2008).

okay juz incase u don't kno chinese.
it wrote:

list of winner,
champion :
Khor Bla bla (21 years old) , Yeap Bla bla (22 years old) -KDU

1st runner up :....... -KDU

2nd runner up : tak tau = )

wtf... Yeap Bla bla (22 years old). which mean
he or she is a little too old to take part in this competition....
wtf... the organizer dint kno at all??or juz ACT A FOOL.

Monday, April 7, 2008


wat the fuck is this...... copy till like dat d
still can say "get inspiration from there n edit"??
for this true but untrue artical...
now i kno sumtimes we cant believe wat newspaper wrote.
eg. edc sex scandle... maybe its not true. hahahah....

Sunday, April 6, 2008


It's today!!! 'gurney graffiti competition 08'
asusual get all my supply prepared b4 i go.

hahah... finally i manage to unclogged those cap.
i love them.... i tink. hahah.

okay this is my lucky num bagi hari ni...

hahah schiz i told u i m gotta giv u a surprise...
apamacam still remember that guy?? ismail....!!!!! hahah
he summor post till so yeng let me take photo...

okay.. it's time to start. but unfortunately daniel come late... haih....
he got not much time to finish ler...

tgk itu crowd...

and i found out that alot ppl wearing mask aslo...
look yao yeng i tink ....

i vote for this... -_-

hahah huan sheng they all finish early... they still hv time to relax...

okay finally time's up.. and this is mine.

huansheng's group

daniel.i dont tink he got enuf time to do ler.

and soon... the result's out..

3rd bagi wa.... congrate!!

champion goes to this group.

and the 1st runner-up goes to this...
congrat to all the winner.

here's the winner artwork

from left - 3rd(mine), 2nd place, 1st place, extra(dun care this).

ops ops... wait there has a announcement from the organizer.
the msg is" plagiarism had reported to them "
so the winner might be disqualified.

wat!!! every bodies get shock!! wtf.....

and huansheng actually go bac n print out the evidence.

okay this's the art work from the crew Virus No.6
its a crew from oversea.
which huansheng found it after the competition.

and this is SMT that i spotted on the floor b4 the competition begin.
look closely!!! they r actually the same!!!!

and this is the infomation provided by huansheng.
okay now we hv the proove.

and they r discussing now....
oh yea... btw... i duno who's that girl...
might be their supporter appear from no where n talk alot...
macam their manager...

still not yet stop...

and the end... hooray... they won... the organizer said
NOT ENUF EVIDENCE.. not that same... fine..
they get their prize bac...
but i tink the winner already knew that her/him self copy d
n he or she juz stand beside and keep quiet....
jus that girll..... still kenot finish complaining... at the end
the organiser actually ask that girl to shut up n said 'u r not the participant'
no nex time pls... keep it originalll.......

yeah... goood... finally she stop....

las photo b4 i left... hahaha... ENJOY!!!!
i look happy huh?

pic provided by: khan


Friday, April 4, 2008

no more 19th but 20th!!!

whao..... so fast!! i m no longger belongs to 1X group.
i had stepped into 2x group now... suddenly feel i m goin to be a man soon.

okay this is how I pass my bday.
we went to Tao Cuisine for dinner during the week end b4 my day.
actualy there are 3 ppl celebrating bday at there,
which is me, mum kwan, and ah leong....
happy bday to both of u also.

the food at there are nice!! exp the scallops... hahaha....
it's damm worth to hv buffet meal at there. haha... each of
us just hv to pay rm50 den we can get everything.

and i actually did a record on how much had we order.
1st order- rm 171
2nd order-rm 499
3 and the rest- i believe its over 1k d ... haha...


n then its photo shoting time!!!

same girls diff days......=)

the bday kaki, me , mum kwan n wai leong....

and after we had our mean we went for ALONG PTE LTD..... the movie is super nice, and funny.

on the day -APRIL 1st

celebrate bday together with khan at office. = )

haha... how isit? does this pic shows fun?

den after work went out with fren celebrate again! ahhah...

this pose was inspired by the movie AH LONG.

the actual poster.. wahhaha....

some random pose ... for the guys and also for the girls.

okay.... that's all for my bday update.

thanks for every body.....who wished me, called me, smsed me, remember me, acidentaly forget me, and suddenly remember me bac again.... thansk alot..!!!! all the best for u all too...