Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PhorThayHighSchool and Welldor @ EAA

Phor Thay High School and Welldor@ EAA. And me n my classmates as the helper.

Ice breaking session. ops... where's the cam?

preparing for the game called Tallest Straw Structure.
student are only able to use 40normall a.k.a cheap straw n 20 flexible straw, a 1m long maskin tape n a scissor to build a tallest straw structure in 45 min.

some help out n advice.

the structure is getting taller.

some wired shape of structure. but it still can stand up straight. keng!

oh yea.. dis's the group that i helped. and we had a 216cm structure.
although we'r not the tallest but still we enjoyed the process of brain storming! hahaha...
well done!!

group photo with... erm.. hahah... helper? poser la...

Attend my friend 21st bday

the birthday boy with the cake.

the karate kakis n the bday boy.

happy birthday to u!

and after the party I went to autocity. N i saw dis,

the best body kit i ever see on a car. macam NFS MostWanted!!

although i dint know what car is this. but still WTFart.....!!

Try out...

Doin some experiment try out with new paint meterial. unfortunately the out come isn't that good. sigh....

u all can check more of my customized sneakers at here.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Customized Figure for a fren bday.

Bought dis figure at S+J den cuztomized it into spiderman's suit. for a spidey's fans.

Graffiti Greatness MV finally in progress!!

Finally Graffiti Greatness MV start progress on 24thOct07. hope every thing will be okay.

spotted another graffiti done by s?hiz?ow...
i'm not so sure abt it.

"pieces get buffed but graffiti will never be dead"
quote from Graffiti Greatness's lyric.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Graffiti SPOTTED!!

'Spotted' some graffiti at sumwhere near Convent Pulau Tikus School.
graffiti art by pot?t? , ma??e , s?hi?zow , hua? sh?ng... i'm not sure who r they.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

'Schizzow is my name' sample tee

This is the sample tee that Schizzow gotta rock in his 1st music video -Graffiti Greatness. U all can check out the song at here.
Tee designed by Schizzow from aerosol pimps.

Monday, October 22, 2007


all of sudden..
heavy rain!!
haih... pity sam's new balance... WET!!

pity the driver too..... SAD!!

number plate edited.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wishes for gary 19th bday!

video credits to jia hui.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Short clip for Gary 19th bday!!

haha, a short clip done by Jiahui for our fren 19th bday!!

Potato X Toyota Vios video clip

thanks Wenzi for this video clip.
click here for Schizzow, Bibichun and Sanjay X Vios pictures.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

more pic!!

a 360degree panorama. althought it has a lil bit technical prob but still appreciate it.

nice view!!

hahah... enjoy playing card ??

preety nice color n composition.

exhausted after day 1.

some special effect!

thanks Khan for the pic.

Toyota Vios Live Graffiti Exhibition At Garage

Oct 13th & 14th, by Aerosol Pimps' writers Potato aka Ah Eng.

at the entrance of Garage and Glo.

applying a base coat for the car b4 the show begin.
thanks gary, peter, khan, wei wern for the help out.

9pm, the show begin.

relaxing at there.

they helped me to shake those supply.

applying the base colour.

filling colour.

haha.. this's how I advertise my new blog.

doin the detail.

haha.. dis's how i paint the roof top.




the side mirror. it's a lil bit hard to spray on dis.

mess mess!!

and finally FINISHED!!!

Some pose and group photo with the car b4 I leave.

with my mum n bro.

with the event CEO ,Mr. Tony.

with the ppl who accompany me untill the show end.

with jia hui

with my best buddy- gary.

with silun.

with peter.

with college's friends and friends. hahah....

The Photographer that help me to took all dis pic. thanks alot!!

the main photographer- khan.

the secondary photographer- peter.

the third photographer- silun.

and at the end i wanna thanks to every 1 that support me, and they r my family, schizzow, bibichun, sanjay, jaze, gary, peter, khan, silun, jiahui, weiwern, vivian, casper, hui, rebx, suiwan, huan sheng, kheng lee, khiam por n gang, rui yang, chin seng, zhan hui n fren, darren n gang, break dance ah beh + yee tern n gang, rui yun,sam and alot alot more... i am sorry if i dint mention your name cuz there r too mny ppl wanna thanks. oh yea... i also wanna thanks to the security that take care of the car for 48 hours. thanks everyone....