Sunday, May 25, 2008

spiderman, ironman & the hulk in action

wtf... wat if somebody will take this idea n shoot into a real movie... hahah...
siao!!! keng!

thanks khan for the info.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Painted Animation

a painted animation on public wall by BLU.
it's really amazed!!! this guy is crazy!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Phuket Trip

company trip @ Phuket - Thailand

gather n meet up at the air port n wait for our flight.

mmm....too bad this is not the plane that we gotta take

but this small firefly

with this!!!

after an hour flight from penang we arrived Phuket's airport.

and this is the hotel that we gotta stay.

After we had settled everything in the hotel, we walked to the nearby night market to have our first dinner in Phuket.

The food was nice and tasty, especially the Tom Yam soup.

the tastiest ice tea (thai style). remember to try this if u go thailand.

we had our breakfast early morning on the next day.
after that we planned to go Patong beach and went to Phuket Fantasea at the evening.

some nerdy pose. wahahha....

the view from out hotel stair case.

patong beach. alot of cha boh.... but not naked. kekek...

some evening scenery by khan

some evening scenery by khan

After having a great time at the beach, we returned to the hotel and prepared ourselves for our next destination, Phuket Fantasea.

Phuket Fantasea is a very amazing place. It is a must visit place if you visit Phuket. It is like a wonderland that everybody wishes to go. We had our grandest buffet dinner there. After we had our dinner, we were ready and prepared for the Fantasea’s show. Unfortunately, cameras and mobile phones were prohibited in the auditorium. The show was really impressive and we were really amazed by it.

the grandest dinner i ever had. hahahah!!

took pic with the cutie elephant b4 we cabut.

on the next day, waked up in the early morning, we prepared ourselves for snorkeling.

and we took speed boat to our destination.

hahah... the wind is freaking big!!!

and we reach our 1st destination.

Maya Bay

see alot of angmo there.

den continue with our nex destination Monkey Beach for snokeling.

had lots of fun at there.

day 4/5
It was a free and easy day. We could go anywhere we wanted to, but a few of us fell sick so we took this chance to rest in the hotel and felt better after some rest.

swim swim swim... n rest.

swim like a hippo? mmm can a hippo swim?

some random and funny shot at phuket.

mmm... wat will happen if this sigh board in penang? banned?

spotted this when we r on our way to patong beach.

hotel for sale? wtf....

No helmet? tak faham la... shoud or should't wear? tak tau...

guess wat's this?
it's their petrol station!! but i tink we sould't use station ler should use store.

they said the illustration look like me.

their mata soo damm smart!! fit lagi!!

sawadeeka mc. thai

super bike for rent!! walau eh... siao...

that's all for my phuket trip..... enjoy !!!